Karma Is A Bitch

Spring Fulton is a young woman that is just drifting through life without taking accountability for any of her wrong doings.  She lives life for the moment because she does not believe in a tomorrow.  Early in her adulthood several key characters altered her perception on life.  Her parents Radella and Ernest Fulton, whose abusive relationship and murder suicide plays a big part in Spring’s negative views on life.   She loved her mother and despised her father.  She used that energy to determine what goals were important in her life.  Yolanda Smith was her college roommate and the first person she ever allowed into her small closed world.   She’s Spring’s voice of reason that stands by her side and continuously try to get her to change before it’s too late.    Darrell Hill was her first boyfriend that she meets at college and the person she lost her virginity too.  He gave her hope that all men were not like her father, but crushed that when he revealed he was engage their entire relationship and expecting a child with the woman.  Brittany Smith takes her in when she had no place to stay after graduation.  Even though Brittany was only in her life for a short period of time she happens to have a huge influence on the shaping of who Spring’s becomes.   She becomes a big sister image and introduces her to the philosophy of getting the most out of life at any means necessary.  Her importance in Spring’s life branches off into a spinoff book based off a collection of journals that Spring discovered after her death.  The journal connects the attacker’s path to Spring’s situation. 

                Throughout the series Spring will make you feel sorry for her, hate her, love her, and cheer for her through the entire journey.  Each installment of the series details her destructive path, the victims she leaves behind, and the reason why any of them would want to seek revenge.  The series show how each one of the significant secondary characters impact influences how she treats and reacts to people, regardless if it’s a co-workers, neighbors, a men she dates, or people that were unlucky to cross her path.   

Highland Park Publishing