I am Spring Fulton and this is my story. I thought growing up in a dysfunctional abusive household equipped me with the needed tools for survival. That was until my current situation. I am lying in bed next to someone that’s determined to take my life. Yes, I’m literally fighting for my life.
     While stabbing me, the bitch let me know this was for every person that I misused in my lifetime. Come to think of it, I treated a bunch of people like shit. It wasn’t my fault that they allowed me to treat them like shit. Hell, I got mine at any means possible and there was nothing stopping them from getting theirs. Shit, it was only part of the game.
     I never once claimed to be perfect, but I can’t believe my actions being bad enough for someone to attack me this violently. If this is true, how could I have missed all the warning signs? I pray this is not my ending. Follow my story in the Karma Is A Bitch series to see if my actions warrant my outcome.

       There are some people whose adverse and careless decisions pay them back quickly, some people never notice the conflict in their lives is pay back from their actions, some people whose actions may not come to haunt them until years later. “Karma Is A Bitch,” is a realistic fiction eleven book series filled with drama, romance, adult erotic, adventure, tragedy, mystery, suspense, and humor that’s explores into the chronicle of what comes around goes around.  Throughout the series Spring will make you love her, hate her, feel sorry for her, and cheer for her through the entire journey.

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