There are some people whose adverse and careless decisions pay them back quickly, some people never notice the conflict in their lives is pay back from their actions, some people whose actions may not come to haunt them until years later.  “Karma Is A Bitch,” is a realistic fiction eleven book series filled with drama, romance, adult erotic, adventure, tragedy, mystery, suspense, and humor that’s explores into the chronicle of what comes around goes around.  Throughout the series Spring Fulton will make you love her, hate her, feel sorry for her, and cheer for her through the entire journey. 

     This is the first installment of the “Karma Is A Bitch,” series an introduction into the life of Spring.  She is a young woman that’s goes through life not noticing the impact of her actions until it slaps her in the face.  The love for her mother, her father’s abusive behavior, and an intriguing list of characters plays a role in the way see navigated through life.  Her college roommate Yolanda Smith is the first person she allows into her world, which ultimately becomes her best friend.   Darrell Hill is her first boyfriend and the person she loses her virginity too.  Then there’s   Brittany Smith who becomes a big sister image.   

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