Highland Park Publishing, LLC

Permanently Etched in my Heart is a fiction romantic erotic drama, filled with action, suspense, and mystery from two leading characters as well as several sub leading characters.  Selena Wright and Robert Harris were raised the same small city, yet their backgrounds are worlds apart.  Selena is a stunning young lady the oldest of three that grew up in a two parent household until her mother’s tragic death.  She adjusted to the new family dynamic until several factors during her high school years changed everything.  Unlike Selena, Robert grew up in a single family home with as his mother the head of household and the youngest of his father’s 15 kids.  He was the finest guy that she ever seen and one of city biggest drug dealers. 

A trail of mayhem, drugs, murder, and sex follows Selena, Robert, and an intriguing group of colorful character.  Leslie, Baron, Brandy, and Floyd are childhood friends of Selena, while Lamont, and Gator are childhood friends of Robert’s that are part of their journey.   Their friends’ involvement carries a lot of weight to the story line action, suspense, and mystery that shape the romantic relationship between Robert and Selena.  Despite the many trials and tribulations of growing up in the hood only strengthen their love.